The most effective home remedies for toenail fungus.

The question of how to cure nail fungus with folk remedies worries many who have encountered this disease for the first time. And this is not surprising. The disease causes a lot of inconvenience to both patients and their families, who are forced to take certain measures to prevent infection.

Before choosing how to treat nail fungus in an unconventional way, you should know that such therapy can be effective only at the first stage of the disease.In other cases, you need to use medication.

Toenail fungus decoction

Traditional medicine

Consider how the treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies is carried out, and we will discuss the most effective.


Treatment of a fungus with folk remedies is often carried out with the help of iodine. And this is quite natural. The tool folds proteins and consequently destroys them. But the causative agents of mycoses have a protein structure.

Consider how to treat toenail fungus with folk remedies in this case.

Variations in the use of iodine:

  1. To treat toenail fungus, you need to take a small container, fill it with hot water, pour iodine into it and put on your feet for 11 minutes. At the end of the treatment, it is required to cut off the dead elements of the nails and treat the skin in the immediate vicinity of them with hydrogen peroxide. At the end of the procedure, an antibacterial ointment should be applied to the treated areas and fixed with a bandage.
  2. In order to quickly cure the fungus on the toenails, you need to take the Castellani liquid and treat the affected areas with it. The treatment must be carried out twice a day for 14 days. After the specified period, the remedy must be replaced with iodine (for 2 weeks), and then the latter must be replaced with 9% vinegar (for 2 weeks).
  3. To treat a fungus on the legs, you need to take a 5% iodine solution and apply it to the affected surface. It is necessary to carry out the procedure twice a day, and unaffected nails should also be smeared. Processing in the latter case is carried out once every two days.
  4. Another way to quickly cure a fungal infection is to use a mixture of iodine, acetic acid, chloronitrophenol, and garlic juice. These components must be mixed in the same proportion, and the resulting mixture must be applied to the steamed nail plates. Processing at night before bedtime is required.
Iodine helps eliminate toenail fungus

Occasionally, home remedies for nail fungus involve the combined use of a salt and iodine solution. For cooking, you need to take a liter of hot water, dilute 2 tbsp. store-bought sea salt and 1 tablespoon store-bought table salt and pour mixture into a small bowl. In the bath prepared in this way, you need to put your feet. After half an hour, you need to take scissors and cut off the dead elements from the nails. Then the extremities should be washed with laundry soap, and the affected areas should be treated with iodine. Also, the product should be applied to the nails three times.

This procedure should be performed daily for 30 days.

Before using the drug, it should be noted that:

  • destroys far from all kinds of fungi;
  • leads to the development of allergic reactions and dermatitis;
  • paint the nail yellow;
  • Burns;
  • causes a malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • can be used exclusively for small damaged areas (up to 1/3 of the nail).


It's no secret that an acidic environment destroys the pathogens of mycoses. And so, vinegar treatment has gained incredible popularity among people who want to treat them. Consider how to cure nail fungus with this remedy:

  1. To treat nail fungus, you need to take 9% vinegar, smear it on your nails, and put some on your feet. A variation of this method is the lubrication of diseased nails and skin with a solution made of iodine and vinegar, mixed in equal proportions. Processing is done daily before bedtime.
  2. vinegar lotions. In the treatment of nail fungus they are used as follows. Soak a cotton swab in vinegar, wring it out and place it on the surface of the nail so that it does not extend beyond the edges of the nail. After that, the tampon must be fixed with a plaster cast, and a sock must be put on the foot. Processing is done once a day for 7 days. After the specified time, a break is made for 2-3 days and the course is repeated.

A variation of this method is the use for the preparation of lotions from a mixture of 2 tablespoons of vinegar, protein from 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons. yovodka.

A swab dipped in the resulting product is applied daily to the diseased nail plate. The duration of therapy is from six months to a year.

Another option for soaking tampons is a mixture of olive oil or any other oil and table or apple cider vinegar, taken in the same proportions. Processing is carried out daily until the nails are renewed.

Vinegar is an effective agent that destroys the pathogens of mycoses.


Soda is no less popular than iodine or vinegar. Consider how toenail fungus is treated with this substance.

  1. Soap and soda baths. 3 tablespoons of ordinary baking soda and grated laundry soap are placed in 7 liters of heated water and mixed. The solution prepared in this way is poured into a small container, and the legs are placed in it. After a quarter of an hour, the dead elements of the nails are cut off. Antifungal medications are then applied to the treated areas. Processing is done 2 times a week.
  2. soda paste. The popular method of treating nail fungus with this remedy is to dissolve enough soda to process it to a soft state. The porridge thus prepared should be spread over the affected area. Drizzle freshly squeezed lemon juice over baking soda. After five minutes, the paste should be removed and the extremities washed with warm water and washing soap.

tea mushroom

As you know, Kombucha, steeped in sweet tea for a week, makes it possible to prepare a healing drink that has an excellent taste and is used in the treatment of many diseases. That is why the treatment of nail fungus with folk remedies involves its use for the preparation of rubbing and compresses. Rubbing consists of cleaning the fungus, crushing it and rubbing it into the affected tissues a couple of times a day.

Compresses are made in the following way. A layer of the fungus is torn off and immersed in clean water for 12 hours. Before going to bed, a part of the soaked fungus is applied to the nail plate, after which the finger is wrapped in cellophane. Upon completion of the specified action, several socks are placed on the foot. The procedure is performed daily.

In the morning, the compress is removed, the leg is cleaned with warm water, pieces of dead tissue are removed. The injured surface is treated with a concentrated solution of manganese permanganate or brilliant green.

The processing is repeated for 10 days.

Kombucha for a therapeutic compress for toenail fungus

Tar and soap from it.

Birch tar is a substance that is obtained during the distillation of birch bark and is successfully used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Consider how to treat toenail fungus with tar. And first of all, we note that the therapy of mycosis of the nail plate with the indicated substance involves its use both in its pure form and as part of an ointment.

When using pure tar, the latter is applied to previously steamed and treated feet (it is necessary to cut the nails and remove dead skin). For half an hour after the procedure, rest should be observed; it is undesirable to put something on your feet and move around during this period (tar should penetrate into the tissues, provided air is available). After soaking the ointment, put on cotton or linen socks and do not take them off for several days. After the specified time, the feet are washed with soap in cold water and the treatment is repeated.

To prepare an ointment that will allow you to get rid of mycosis, you need to take a fatty base, such as a children's cream, and mix it with tar. At the initial stage of therapy, the concentration of tar in the agent should not exceed 5%, however, by the end of treatment, it should reach 20%.

A variation of the described remedy is a tar sulfur ointment, which consists of a mixture of sulfur powder, tar and children's cream in a ratio of 2: 3: 10. These ingredients are heated and thoroughly mixed, and the product finished is applied to the diseased nail and hidden under the patch.

Also, it can be treated with a talker, consisting of 50 ml of tar, 50 ml of glycerin, 70 ml of alcohol. These components are mixed in dark glassware, and the finished product is applied to the affected area several times a day.

If you do not want to prepare an ointment or a talker, you can take a tar soap that contains about 10% tar.

In the treatment of nail fungus, it can be applied as follows:

  1. Tar and soda mixture. To prepare the product, you must dilute 1 tablespoon of grated soap in water, add 2 teaspoons of soda and mix well. The mixture resulting from these actions must be rubbed into the diseased nail. Processing is done once a day with a hard toothbrush.
  2. Salt soap. To treat the fungus of the nail plates, the feet must be properly soaped, and then sprinkled with salt and wrapped with a bandage. Remove the bandage in the morning and wash your feet with warm water.

How to treat nail fungus

Despite the fact that, under certain conditions, home remedies for toenail fungus can give certain results, you should not completely rely on them, as this can aggravate the course of the disease. More effective will be therapy with a traditional medicine prescribed by a doctor, depending on the type of pathogen and the severity of the disease. And of course you shouldn't run your legs; treatment in this case will be long.