The best remedies for toenail fungus

What is nail fungus

Onychomycosis is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. Every second person is a carrier of this disease. The infection is caused by harmful bacteria, which in medicine are called epidermophytes. Onychomycosis affects all age groups equally. Pathogenic fungi can live on almost any surface, so a person must adhere to safety regulations. An apparently harmless infection can be a symptom of more serious pathologies. In order to quickly find the right remedy for toenail fungus, you should immediately consult a doctor.


The information in this section should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. In case of pain or other exacerbation of the disease, only the attending physician should prescribe diagnostic tests. For proper diagnosis and treatment, you should contact a specialist.

disease symptoms

Pathogenic fungi are considered one of the most tenacious bacteria. In order for the microorganisms on the sole to die, the shoes must be kept for 20 minutes in a 1% formalin solution. That is why it is very difficult to cure onychomycosis in the nail. The patient must strictly follow all the instructions of the treating physician. The main signs of a fungus include:

  • change in the nail plate;
  • yellowing of the nail;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant odor;
  • severe itching;
  • destruction of the nail form.

Patients need to find the best remedy for toenail fungus as soon as possible. Because without proper treatment, the disease can cause complications. In this case, the patient has sharp pain in the nail and severe redness. It is important to remember that symptoms can vary depending on the stage of the disease. Doctors divide them into four phases:

  • initial (discoloration, itching);
  • the period of hyperkeratosis (the nail becomes loose and thick);
  • the stage of penetration under the nail plate (severe inflammation of the cuticles);
  • careless way (the nail atrophies and collapses).

Doctors are sure that the best remedy for toenail fungus is caution and attention. At the first manifestations of mycosis, a specialist should be consulted immediately. An advanced form of the disease can bring the patient to the operating table.

The reasons

There are many sources of fungal infection. In fact, it can be anywhere a person is barefoot. Onychomycosis is an insidious disease. The infection can occur at any time after infection. Most often, people with weak immunity are susceptible to the disease. But, nevertheless, the fungus occurs only under certain circumstances:

causes of toenail fungus
  • low-quality shoes;
  • nail or foot injury;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • various skin ailments.

Most people believe that onychomycosis is spread exclusively in swimming pools, saunas, beaches and baths, although this is not entirely true. The fungus prefers a moist environment, but when a person's skin is steamed, the infection spreads easily from the affected area. Therein lies the danger. Pathogenic microorganisms fall on any surface and wait for their next carrier, so you can get infected through:

  • sneakers;
  • stockings;
  • floor (especially tile in the bathroom);
  • sand;
  • loungers.

The weaker the patient's immunity, the more dangerous a fungal infection can be for him. To protect yourself, you need to know the first and foremost remedy against toenail fungus - personal hygiene. The disease is easily treated only in the first days after infection.

Which doctor will prescribe a remedy for leg fungus?

Onychomycosis can cause severe discomfort and many problems to a person. Even after successful treatment, there is still a chance of recurrence. The neglected form of the fungus requires a long and complex therapy. The course of treatment will include many medications and procedures to restore the nail. The patient needs to make an appointment with: a podiatrist, a cosmetologist, a therapist. Only complex treatment will help to eliminate the problem.

It is extremely important that the patient does not postpone the trip to a specialist, since the disease multiplies very quickly. People often ask: which doctor should I contact first and how to choose the best remedy for toenail fungus? A dermatologist specializes in skin diseases, while a mycologist deals exclusively with fungal infections. In fact, the patient needs both doctors, so the choice between them does not matter. The listed specialists know how to cure a yeast infection as quickly and effectively as possible. At the appointment, the doctors will do the following:

toenail fungus treatment
  1. listen to patient complaints;
  2. study the patient's medical history;
  3. carry out a visual inspection;
  4. examining the nail with a Woods lamp.

Before choosing the right toenail fungus remedy, each of the listed specialists will prescribe tests. First, the patient will take an onychomycosis scraping. Next, the patient will be diagnosed and a course of treatment will be drawn up.

Effective remedies for toenail fungus

The therapy of the disease directly depends on the type of mycosis and its scale. Only after a clear definition of the stage of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Despite the many different drugs, the fungus is very difficult to get rid of. It is important to remember that self-medication can cause serious damage to health. Typically, patients are prescribed topical medications:

  • ointments;
  • gels;
  • varnishes;
  • aerosol sprays;
  • cream.

The listed external agents reach the maximum concentration of the active ingredient in the affected area. This toenail fungus remedy does not enter the bloodstream, making treatment easier for people who are predisposed to an allergic reaction. There is also systemic therapy. It is prescribed when the patient:

  • mycosis affected the entire nail area;
  • advanced stage of the fungus;
  • affliction seized several fingers;
  • diabetes;
  • mature age

Doctors warn that systemic treatment of the fungus is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women and people with liver disease, as well as for breastfeeding. In this case, a local method of therapy is required. Also, an effective remedy for toenail fungus can be found in traditional medicine. Various recipes can safely speed up the healing process.

When shouldn't a visit to the doctor be delayed?

In the presence of any disease, the patient should always consult a doctor. Especially if it is a contagious fungal infection. The disease is often underestimated and onychomycosis can cause damage throughout the body. Delaying a visit to a specialist can cause such complications:

  • allergic sensitivity to the fungus;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • penetration of infection into internal organs.

To find an effective remedy for toenail fungus as soon as possible, it is necessary to consult a specialized specialist. It is important not to make a diagnosis yourself, since there are several varieties of onychomycosis:

  • dermatophyte (white-yellow stripes along the edges of the nail);
  • yeast (the nail plate turns yellow).
  • moldy (chronic form of the disease).

When self-medicating, patients often skip the "contraindications" section, which can cause serious problems. Therefore, it is better to contact a dermatologist who can easily select high-quality inexpensive remedies for toenail fungus. Complications of the disease can cause various painful rashes and allergic dermatitis, and even bronchial asthma.

The best remedies for toenail fungus

In the treatment of mycosis, the patient should seek medical help in time. Dermatologists point out that neglected feet and toenails double the chance of a fungus. The dry and trampled skin of the feet is an ideal springboard for the development of an infection. Unlike adults, children rarely suffer from mycoses, since it is difficult for pathogens to "stick" to delicate and smooth skin. For severe stages of the disease, apply:

  • Surgical intervention;
  • laser therapy;
  • antifungal.

An effective remedy for toenail fungus is laser treatment. The method works due to the high temperature of the beam, which covers the affected area. The laser safely removes mycelium and onychomycosis spores. The surgery consists of the complete removal of the nail. This is done in the most difficult cases. The nail plate will grow back only if the matrix remains intact.