An effective remedy for nail fungus treatment called

Meteorologists promise a hot August and a warm Indian summer, the time for light dresses and, of course, open sandals. However, these shoes have their own requirements. Damaged yellow nails look sloppy, they must be hidden in closed noses. This, of course, can spoil the joy of summer weather. The fungus is often the cause of these nails.

nail fungus treatment in clinic

The fungus causes onychomycosis, one of the most unpleasant diseases. Also, contrary to popular belief, it is not that safe. Left untreated, the fungus will develop, take over large areas of human skin, and can even cause damage to a person's internal organs.

The elderly are at risk

Doctors say that most often lovers of saunas and baths are infected with nail fungus, in which the surface is not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The fungus in these places "vaporizes", falls off the feet of an infected person, and can easily adhere to another person.

However, you can get the fungus in seemingly safe places, such as at a party. If the hosts have nail fungus and the guest wears the slippers barefoot, they are more likely to get infected.

Once in the human body, the fungus develops for a long time and it is very difficult to notice its presence. The first step is to pay attention to changes in the color of the nail plate, it becomes cloudy or yellow, says the head of the department of dermatology, a dermatologist.

Itching appears between the toes and a pungent odor from the feet. It should be clarified that, although most of the time the fungus manifests itself on the toenails, this does not mean that it is located only there. The fungus affects the nails of the legs and hands, as well as the skin of the feet, hands and the entire body. The peeling usually appears on the skin, in the form of plates, rings and can be similar to flour (when the grooves of the skin are dusted with flour, so to speak). Bubbles are possible, which can ooze and burst. Nails can thicken, collapse, separate from the nail bed, change color. In advanced cases, even a person's internal organs suffer.

Men ages 20 to 50 are considered a risk group for nail fungus infection, because they are most likely to be found where you can become infected with nail fungus. However, doctors note that almost anyone can become infected with onychomycosis.

90% of nail fungus is caused by dermatophytes and molds. Dermatophytes are spread by direct contact (especially between family members) and through household items. Yeast fungi cause disease when the immune system is weakened.

In particular, as doctors clarify, people with reduced immunity become infected. Thus, people of retirement and early retirement age, or who suffer from chronic diseases, are at risk.

the patient treats nail fungus in the clinic

A complex approach

To treat nail fungus, like any other disease, you need to consult a doctor. Also, you must first pass an analysis - scraping to establish what kind of disease the patient suffers from. At the same time, since the heart of the fungus (mycelium), as a rule, is located deep under the nail plate, and its spores are on the surface of the nail, it is necessary to treat the fungus comprehensively.

Lasers, ointments, and creams prescribed by doctors are considered effective treatment methods. And experts consider a pedicure as an assistant in treatment, not just an ordinary one, but a medical pedicure.

The fact is that the fungus greatly modifies the nails, making them thick. This, of course, is ugly, but the main thing is that this shape of the nails complicates the treatment, since it becomes much more difficult to get to the mycelium. A medical pedicure is a preparation for the quality treatment of nail fungus.

However, experts warn that such a pedicure simply cannot be performed in a beauty salon. Removal of calluses, corns, cracks in the skin and correction of fungal affected nails for subsequent procedures can only be done in the clinic. To work with damaged feet, a special apparatus is required, which is generally not installed in beauty salons; this is a medical technique. And the teachers who perform this procedure have certificates in medical pedicure, and often even medical education.